Any cuts in school boards – Minister Bolduc does not preclude an increase in the school tax

QUÉBEC, May 27, 2014 / CNW Telbec / – On the occasion of its first question in the National Assembly as member for Chambly and spokesperson in Education for the Coalition Avenir Québec, Jean-François Roberge asked the Minister of Education about possible cuts of about $ 200 million in school boards.

“Just look at what happened last year: The government has imposed cuts and school boards were unable to cut their administration. They are facing their usual solutions to deficits and raise school taxes, “said the member for Chambly.

Jean-François Roberge asked guarantee that the scenario will not be repeated this year and that the cuts will not result in an increase in the school tax for taxpayers. In this regard, the Minister of Education has not been able to ensure that this scenario would be excluded.

“Two threats hovering over the heads of taxpayers: the increase in their school taxes, but also the debt of school boards. There is no interest to taxpayers that the government balance its budget if it is for school boards more debt and increase their taxation. The result is the same for them: they will pay, “he has said.

In the same vein, the member for Chambly also wanted to know if the government was to reimburse the last increase was totally unjustified. He also stressed that the current Minister of the Family, as she was in opposition, asked the same refund.


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