Manuel Baldemor art exhibit in Montreal 2015

Today, (June 11, 2015, 6:00pm at Intercultural Center, 6767 Cote Des Neiges, Montreal, Quebec), Finissage of “Images of the Homeland” 2015 Art Exhibit of Manuel Baldemor in Montreal was a success. Everybody who attended the last day of exhibit showed happy faces as they saw the paintings of Mr. Baldemor. Truly the Filipinos are happy and friendly people. Administrators from the Philippine Embassy in the leadership of Ambassador Petronila P. Garcia were proud to bring to Montreal one of the renowned Filipino international artist. It was a great honor and blessings to the Filipinos and some other communities’ art enthusiast to have Mr. Baldemor show his art work in this famous art city of Montreal. Thanks to the great effort and very supportive Mayor of Cote Des Neiges -Notre Dame De Grace Borough Hon. Russell Copeman and City Councilor Marvin Rotrand whom the Filipino community teased him as Ambassador of Montreal to the Philippines, who sponsored the event to happen here in the City. With Anthony Housefather  (former Mayor of Côte Saint-Luc) now Member of Parliament for Mount Royal Riding. Representatives and volunteers from different organizations came to meet and welcome one of the pride of Philippines, the son of Paete Laguna famous for its sculpture skill.

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  • Manuel Baldemor art exhibit in Montreal 2015

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