Montreal City Admired for Cultural Diversity rocked with Racial Discrimination.

A Coalition of 20 different groups from various communities joined City Councillor Marvin Rotrand on his press conference regarding his motion on the Moratorium on Police street checks. Leaders of these organizations came forward to express their voices concerning the issue of racial profiling towards identified races that create fear among each community.

Montreal En Action Mr. Balarama Holness who gained 20,000 signatures on his racial discrimination consultation, thanked City Councillor Marvin Rotrand who stand with them for their call. According to him, passed years systemic racial profiling was the root of discussion and it’s coming back this time and the main reason is political inaction. Racial discrimination is against Montreal’s values. It is anti-democratic, depriving people‚Äôs liberty, to live free and peaceful. This is a violation of the human rights of people who are being profiled and identified, an act of discrimination directly aiming colour and race. Mr. Holness said that it is not fair that if you are black, Asian or people from the middle east, you are most likely people who commit a crime.

The motion was approved last Monday Nov.18, 2019, with several amendment. Positive reactions from media invite expectation from the police to follow through on City Councils’ invitation to stop these street checks.

Public Security Commission call for a public meeting this Friday, Nov. 22, 2019, on the 2nd floor, 155 Notre Dame Est. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The meeting will discuss the report on street checks which provoked the creation of a coalition of a community organization to demand the end of street checks that target minorities.

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