Refreshing cold spring with amazing vertical water flow gains more tourism facelifting

Refreshing cold spring with amazing vertical water flow gains more tourism facelifting

MEDINA, Misamis Oriental, Philippines (July 15, 2014) — Endowed with a naturally refreshing cold spring amazingly flows vertically with chilling crystal-clear fresh water from the heart of the swimming pool bed, a renowned resort is now under the priority tourism development program of the local government, here, around 815 kilometers south of Metro Manila.

Such development effort aimed at making the resort known as “

” into a major tourist destination in the province has gained support from the provincial government through Hon. Governor Yevgeny Vicente “Bambi” Emano who set aside 5 million pesos for its additional face-lifting which was commenced by the previous administration in the past 4 years.

Such development efforts really worth it whilst the chilling cold spring has been made more attractive by constructing additional concrete cottages perfect for parties and family outings with a Function Hall for seminars, organizational meetings and other major events.

With water goggle, one can swim into the bottom, and witness the amazing spring emerges from the bottom at the heart of unconcreted bed of the 7-foot deep swimming pool only left naturally with mixed white and black sand and pebbles moving with the vertical flow that looks like some kind of boiling water in a hundred pots.

A dip into the swimming pool would see a swimmer keeps an imprint of joy in his heart with a promise to come again and again for more refreshing experience.

Hon. Mayor Ken Nino T. Uyguangco, here on the occasion of the 66th Founding Anniversary dubbed as “Araw ng Medina” on July 1, 2014 introduced the spring, located 3 kilometers northwest from the Municipal Building, here, a renowned hometown of then Philippine Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez whose grandson Joey is now the incumbent Vice Governor of the province.

“What is special about this spring is that the source of its water is actually from the pool’s bed flowing upward from the bottom, and there’s no flowing water from the side. It looks like stagnant from the bird’s eye view but there’s actually a current underneath that provides cold water to the pool,” Uyguangco said.

Giant trees surround the pool providing natural shadows to the swimmers protecting them from the heat of the morning and afternoon sun. So, people can bring foods and dine with their families at the cottages well maintained by the local government, here. (LOR VILLA ENCENZO)

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