2018-2020 Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plan Announced

Minister Ahmed Hussen tabled the 2018-2020 Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plan and announced historic levels of immigration to Canada. The 2018-2020 Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plan reflects the government’s key priorities for immigration, taking into account input from provincial and territorial governments and stakeholders from across the country.

This Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plan 2018-2020, Canada Immigration is growing it’s levels to keep globally competitive. Newcomers play a key role in Canada’s future success. The plan  also help reunite families more quickly, and reduce and eliminate backlogs. Canada as a global leader in immigration believed the historic levels of immigration plan for 2018-2020 will help build the economy and will do it responsibly and sustainably.

The Government of Canada’s historic multi-year immigration levels plan will responsibly grow the number of permanent residents Canada welcomes each year. According to Canada Immigration:

  • Beginning with 310,000 new permanent residents in 2018, and growing to 330,000 in 2019, and then 340,000 in 2020, this plan sets out the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.
  • Newcomers play a key role in Canada’s future success by supporting our diverse society, culture and economy.
  • This measured, gradual increase will trend towards one percent of the population by 2020, spurring innovation and representing a major investment into Canada’s prosperity, now and into the future.
  • This multi-year levels plan will benefit all Canadians because immigrants contribute to Canada’s economic growth, and it will keep Canada competitive in a global economy. Immigrants drive innovation and help employers meet labour market needs.
  • Supporting both Canadian businesses and labour market needs, the multi-year immigration plan will foster economic growth in the face of slowing labour force growth and an aging population.
  • Increased levels will create the space needed to reduce backlogs and decrease processing times. For families, this plan will mean significant reductions to backlogs and much shorter wait times for sponsored spouses, children, parents, grandparents, and caregivers.
  • The 2018-2020 multi-year immigration levels plan also fulfills our commitment to offer protection to those in need.
  • This plan is a thoughtful, responsible approach that takes into consideration Canada’s need for more immigrants while balancing our fiscal responsibilities.

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