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International Criminal Court (ICC) Case; A Venue for Duterte’s Sweeping Vindication – A Point of View by Jun Avelino

todayFebruary 10, 2018 14

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When the news about ICC conducting preliminary examination on the complaint against Duterte broke out, Anti Dutertards were jubilating on the news as if they scored a victory against the administration they hate so much. As explained by the ICC prosecutor herself, the preliminary examination is a stage where the complaints and other information related thereto which reached the court, will be examined, evaluated and the appropriate agencies will be afforded the opportunity to comment, and hence, their cooperation is required. As what Sec. Roque, an International Law expert himself, it is different from the Preliminary Investigation where possible indictment may happen, thus paving the way for a full-blown trial at the ICC. So, there is nothing really there to be happy about for the Anti Dutertards. But if they chose to be so, let’s give it to them as a matter of right.

I have a different take on this development, however, and in fact, any thinking animals from the yellows and the reds will look at this case as something dreadful to their cause as this will mark the beginning of the end of their global attack and black propaganda against the Duterte administration. At this early, if there is anyone who should be jumping into jubilation, it should be Duterte himself and not the Anti Dutertards.

We all know that the crime against humanity complaint before the ICC against Digong for the alleged extra judicial killings (EJKs) as a result of his drug war is nothing but a hyped global propaganda designed to smear his reputation as President before the eyes of the world and to make life difficult for the Filipino people for voting him into the Presidency, thus forcing them to withdraw their support to him. The malicious lies and fabricated stories concocted by the Anti Dutertards and their minions from the mainstream local and global media were proven to be pure garbage which the Filipino people completely ignored. The continued soaring popularity of Duterte and record trust rating and his government is a testament to such abhorrence and for which these bunch of moronic story-tellers got nothing but alienation from the Filipino people. They tried to use the case to impeach the President but were castigated instead for bringing a case which is bereft of any iota of truthfulness and credibility. Series of Senate hearings were conducted to hear the fictitious stories but were abbreviated for being a waste of time and resources for the government to even listen to. We witnessed how the Filipino people ridiculed Matobato and Lascanas for being ludicrously preposterous in their stories and allegations against the President.

Desperate on how the Filipino people rejected their pleas for support, Anti-Dutertards brought their issues to the UN, EU, US, global mainstream broadsheets and media other global entities they can surreptitiously collaborate within working to bring down the Duterte Administration. And so the concerted global media attacks and criticisms from world bodies and influential figures were launched rendering Digong defenseless under such attacks. He has been maligned and all forms of shit were thrown at him from abroad, especially UN Human Rights Council whose prostituted noses have been clandestinely collaborating with Anti Dutertards in putting the Duterte Administration in the bad light insofar as his human rights records are concerned.

If my memory serves me right, it was Duterte himself who prodded the Anti Dutertards to file a case against him in the ICC, apparently showing his disgusts on how UN badly and unfairly treated him and the country under his watch and to ferret out if indeed he has committed the crimes he is accused of. To me, it was a carefully hatched bait and for which the likes of Trillanes and Alejano and the rest of the Anti Dutertards have innocently taken hook line and sinker and in fact, mistaken it for a golden bullet to hit Duterte right on his head. The act of filing a case against Digong in the ICC or for any international court for that matter is one stupid act which shows the Anti Dutertards’ lack of foresight and circumspection. Let us summarize all possible directional scenarios into 3 levels as consequences thereof.

The first level is where the government starts its offensive by providing the ICC with all the required information to debunk the accusations and enlighten the court as to the great accomplishments the government has done in its fight against drug and the number of lives he saved in fighting the evils of the drug industry as opposed to the fictitious number of deaths which is the basis of the complaint against him on crime against humanity. The problem with Anti Dutertards are facing here is that ICC is a neutral ground which is beyond the influence of anyone. It is a court that entertains facts, evidence and not concocted stories, and for sure, the lies and stories peddled by Matobato in the Philippines will be the same stories being evaluated now and are therefore expected to end up in the trash can of the ICC prosecutor’s desk. Once the case is dismissed at this level alone, you can imagine the adverse ramifications of such development to the global black propaganda staged against Duterte before the whole world. The dismissal will serve as his “clean bill of health” which he can use to slap the UN Human Rights Council, US, the EU, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, their minions from the global and local media and more importantly, the Anti Dutertards in this country for having proven them to be bunch of liars and the purveyors of the country’s fake and contemptuous news. I maybe too overconfident on the dismissal and will try to be magnanimous by discussing the next level.

On the second level, let’s say the complaint has reached the preliminary investigation stage and therefore an indictment has been handed down and a full blown hearing of the case should therefore commence. Again, this level works in favor of Duterte because all the government will have to do, is to present all the actions taken against the drug war program, with all the backing of the country’s laws and Supreme Court decisions sustaining government actions including cases filed against erring police officers as well as arrests warrants on abusive cops involved in the killings will certainly dissuade the court from listening to the lies and fabrications which will be put up by the Duterte accusers. You imagine Matobato, Lascanas and other conspirators being placed on witness stand and cross examined. It will be a protracted and agonizing self- torture on their part. Truth will certainly come out in the whole litigation process which will be witnessed by the whole world. At the end, the world will know who lies to their teeth and Digong will certainly be vindicated fair and square. Such a scenario will only further cement the Filipino people’s support for Duterte for defending the integrity of this country before the ICC as against his detractors whose intention is only to shame Duterte and the Philippines. Their treasonous actions will further awaken the patriotism among the youth and the rest of the Filipino people who will look at their actions with disdain.

The first level took the ICC 9 months to decide from the filing of the complaint whether or not to proceed with the preliminary examination. The second however level is more tedious and on a conservative estimate, considering the work load of the ICC, let’s give it 3 years for the second level to finish (which is next to impossible). By then Duterte will already be entering his last year as President and the entire country will be busy for the next elections. But there are other expected developments within this period and which may dampen the morale of the Anti Dutertards. First is the possibility of the resolution on the election protest filed by BBM against VP Robredo which many are expecting for the former to win. Under this scenario, the disturbing question which Anti Dutertards are certainly not prepared to answer is: Are they ready for the Marcos Presidency if Duterte is removed from office on account of the ICC case? – Sanamagan!

Within the next 3 to 4 years, we are expected to have a constitution which would shift this country to the federal form of government where the President will be more of a ceremonial head of state while the Prime Minister will be the head of the government. What if Digong will be asked to head the transition period to Federalism as Prime Minister and would leave the Presidency to BBM? How will you run after his ass? Or what if Duterte keeps his promise to resign in 2020 when Federalism is set in place? Will that not render all your efforts to oblivion?

But let me tickle your balls with a scenario of an ICC indictment or conviction. Will that cause the removal of Duterte as President of the country? If you think so, then you are the most stupid and brainless faggot who knows nothing but plain idiocy. ICC cannot enforce its decision on our soil as it does not have the power to do so under international law. Case in point is the President of Sudan with whom ICC issued a warrant of Arrest on 4 March 2009 for alleged genocide act and other war crimes against the people of Darfur in 2003. Until now, he remains President of Sudan and is freely roaming around African countries ignoring the arrest warrant issued against him by the ICC. The most that ICC can do is to get the support of other countries in terms of sanctions against the Duterte government or have the arrest of Duterte outside of the Philippine soil when on travel. But for all the great relationships our country has forged with Japan, ASEAN, China, Russia and other countries and with all their knowledge and conviction that Duterte has only done his duty for the country, you think one will even dare to cause Duterte’s arrest in their own land?

In a nutshell, the case filed against Duterte at the ICC is yet another blunder committed by the Anti Dutertards which sends them all to hit the blank wall for all their shenanigans. As carefully analyzed, nowhere in all the possible directional scenarios of the ICC case where they can claim victory. On the contrary, the case is poised to shut them off completely, thereby giving Duterte every opportunity to launch a massive offensive against his detractors all over the world using the outcome of the ICC case to shut them off. They filed the case and they, therefore, tie themselves up to whatever outcome it may give them. And knowing fully well that their case cannot hold water in court proceedings, it is too late for them to regret on such a stupid blunder.

With all honesty, the filing of the ICC was actually looked at by any political observes as just an ordinary global propaganda where Anti Dutertards can feast on in constantly attacking the Duterte administration from a global platform. With their campaign domestically losing heat and stream and they thought that by responding to the challenge of Duterte to file a case before ICC, they can have something against him to perpetually demonize his administration anticipating a very long pendency of the ICC case. The recent turn of events, however, proved them and Digong can now laugh his heart while looking at the regretful faces of his detractors.

The whole process tells us that it is a simple case of Duterte giving the Anti Dutertards one golden bullet to shoot themselves on their heads to make use of their brains once and for all. But with autistic smiles, they gladly obliged, grabbed the golden bullet and shoot themselves neither on their heads nor their chests, but wrecking their balls instead, thus reminding them that they had three balls but never used any of them because it takes some amount of brain to use one’s balls, and sadly, their skulls are empty

Written by: DJ Yuwie

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