ECOBRICKS by Joecel Trinidad

a simple yet commendable way to help solve a problem that everyone suffers around the world “Pollution”. You and me are participants of this so called Production and consumption process in our society. Our Attitude towards our environment affect too, our way of life here on this planet earth we live. Some people from our

fellow Filipinos in that rural area of Sagada, Mt. Province in the Philippines , find way to make use of their plastic and other non degradable garbage. Disposing it without hurting our Mother Nature. Some of the local schools in Manila City area were now trying to make it happen and found the positive result to their surroundings. Here are some pictures of ECOBRICKS- the making and those finish projects done after those collaborative efforts of people in the community, the teachers, students , parents and some leaders. Anybody can do it. Less expensive and the artistry will depend on the imagination of the persons doing it to improve and adore the design you want to explore. (Thanks to ecobricks .org and Mr. Russel Maier for pictures)

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