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Housefather Acclaimed as Mount Royal Liberal Candidate for 2019 Election Endorsed by Local MNAs and Mayors

todayAugust 17, 2018 36

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Montreal, Quebec – On Thursday, August 16th, MP Anthony Housefather was officially acclaimed as the Mount Royal Liberal Party Candidate for the 2019 election. “It has been an honour to serve the people of Mount Royal as their MP, I hope to be given the opportunity to continue serving the people of this great riding,” said Housefather. With a crowd of over 350 supporters on hand for what was also a volunteer appreciation night at Dollar Cinema, were a large number of current and previous elected officials in the riding were also present to endorse Anthony.

Speeches endorsing Anthony were given by former Mount Royal MP and Minister Irwin Cotler, Mont Royal MNA and Minister Pierre Arcand, D’Arcy McGee MNA David Birnbaum, former D’Arcy McGee MNA and Minister Lawrence Bergman, Town of Mount Royal Mayor Philippe Roy, Cote Saint Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, Montreal City Councillor Marvin Rotrand and Hampstead Town Councillor Warren Budning on behalf of Hampstead Mayor Bill Steinberg. A number of other city councilors were also present. “Having the support of my local colleagues is incredibly important to me” said Housefather. “As a former Mayor and Councillor, I know the importance of having the local MP responsive to the needs of elected officials at the provincial and municipal levels where we work together on files that transcend jurisdictions. It is an honour to work with them on a regular basis and have their support.”

“Anthony is an outstanding Member of Parliament responding to the concerns of the residents of our city and to the needs of Cote Saint Luc”, said Mayor of Cote Saint Luc Mitchell Brownstein. “You know you can always count on Anthony to stand up for what he believes in. He is a trusted leader who is one of the hardest working people I know.”

“Anthony has built bridges between ethnic and racial groups and spoken with strength and determination in the House of Commons against intolerance, discrimination and hate. Anthony has proven that he is our champion in consolidating this multicultural Canada built on equality and respect,” said Marvin Rotrand Councillor for Snowdon. “I am honoured to count Anthony both as a friend and as the federal representative overlapping my municipal electoral district. He epitomizes the values of the Liberal Party in favour of a nation where all can contribute and succeed regardless of origin, race or creed. It is with great pride that I endorse Anthony’s re-nomination as the Liberal candidate in Mount Royal.”

“The opportunity to collaborate with Anthony Housefather is often provided to me and it remains a constantly renewed pleasure, all these years we have worked together. Thanks to him, we are fortunate in Mount Royal to count on a dynamic MP, very present, capable of a great proximity with the residents as well as with the members of the municipal council.” said Town of Mount Royal Mayor Phillipe Roy. “Anthony has been an outstanding MP, one who stays very close to his constituents to me and the other elected officials in the Mount Royal riding. He is incredibly hard working and has done an excellent job as head of the Justice Committee. I hope and fully expect Anthony to be re-elected in 2019.” said Hampstead Mayor Bill Steinberg in a statement read by Hampstead Councillor Warren Budning. With the election just over a year away, Anthony remains committed to continue working hard representing Mount Royal and connecting with constituents as much as possible.

Written by: DJ Yuwie

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