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I know reality. I am aware of the missteps, miscues and shortcomings of the PNOY Administration. But, I have not forgotten political history. I can still remember the not-so-distant past. I can still recall what happened during the previous administrations of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

I could not forget the poker-faced GMA with her pretentious “I am sorry” as a result Garci-election scandal and the gargantuan corruptions like the NBN-ZTE deals, the Gen. Garcia scam, the Fertilizer scam, the PNP 2nd-hand chopper scam, the PCSO scam, Kevlar-helmets scam, the massive corruptions at the AFP, Dept. of Agriculture, DAR and DPWH, the much-hated PDAF scams and the human rights violations during the reign of the so-called “Berdugo”- Gen. Palparan.

I could not forget the conviction of Erap Estrada of the crime of PLUNDER. I could still recall the Jueteng scandal, the STL corruption, the NAIA 3 scam, the Jose Pidal scam and the massive wars at the heart of the Bangsamoro homeland and the twin-bombings at the Davao Airport and the Sasa Pier.

I know the real shades of MASSIVE POVERTY and UNEMPLOYMENT, as I know too well the HARDSHIPS, HUNGER, SUFFERING and HOPELESSNESS of my pro-bono clients-AGRARIAN REFORM BENEFICIARIES, FARMWORKERS and the LUMADS who have long been deprived of SOCIAL JUSTICE. I have seen the sufferrings and agonies of the CHILDREN and FAMILIES of the farmworkers-beneficiaries of SIFARBCO, UFARBEMCO, CDHARBEMCO, HARBCO, NGEIMPC and the deprivation and poverty of the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES of MADC.

However, I will not deny that the SINCERE EFFORTS of the “DAANG MATAWID” of PNOY have made positive strides at DPWH, Department of Agriculture, DILG and the Armed Forces of the Phils. The no-nonsense implementation of INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS in a nationwide-scale by DPWH Sec. Singson and the massive AGRI-PROGRAMS of the Dept.of Agriculture have offered an alternative-positive way in doing things in the Government. I personally know the high-morale and positive outlook of the middle officers and soldiers of AFP and the employees and officers of the DA and DPWH with the programs of good governance, transparency and anti-corruption measures which they have been implementing under the present dispensation.

I will not deny that positive efforts have been done under ARMM and that we now enjoy RELATIVE PEACE at the Bangsamoro homeland with the PEACE INITIATIVES of PNOY and the MILF. I will not deny the fact that the ANTI-CORRUPTION CRUSADE of PNOY had brought concrete investments and stronger business confidence to our country.

Lest we forget that corruption is still real in some government agencies. Poverty and inequality are very real to the urban and rural poor. Unemployment and underemployment are real to the working and middle class. Environmental degradation is still a real threat to people’s security and health.

I know that some REAL GOOD EFFORTS could still be done by PNOY and he should move FORWARD in implementing the much-needed projects and programs for our people, within the CONSTITUTIONAL BOUNDS. I will just content myself in comparing PNOY’s EFFORTS with the previous graft-ridden and morally-decadent administrations of GMA and ERAP.

Ayaw pod kadali kalimot.
However, PNOY should and must do things in a RIGHT PERSPECTIVE, PROPER WAY and WITHIN LEGAL MEANS. He is duty-bound to relentlessly and seriously PURSUE his CAMPAIGN for the “DAANG MATUWID.” His administration must PRODUCE JOBS, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, CORRUPTION-FREE PROJECTS and AGRICULTURAL SUPPORT. He must provide an ENVIRONMENT for PROMPT JUSTICE and he must avoid legal missteps and miscues.

Afterall, this GUY – PNOY – was catapulted to Presidency not that he harbored personal ambitions but due to his “Cory-Ninoy Aquino” genes, “Daang Matuwid” and Anti-Corruption calls against the backdrop of the much-hated GMA regime. The 2010 choices then were clear, either you were for “PNOY” or “Erap” or Bro. Eddie” which represented the “ANTI-GMA” VOTES or you were for GMA represented by “Villar” and “Gibo.” Ahhh, Gibo, the bar topnotcher who had so-much potential to become president, but who was too funny and naive for failing to read the signs on the walls and for securing GMA’s endorsement which was actually a “KISS OF DEATH.” Perhaps, only the “bobos,” not like Gibo, knew that an endorsement from GMA was a “CURSE” for she had a negative twelve (-12) rating.

I live in a REAL PRACTICAL WORLD. I know the shortcomings and the unfulfilled promises of PNOY. I know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I know. However, this President PNOY is MUCH-BETTER THAN THE PREVIOUS ONES. He can be TRUSTED compared to GMA or Erap. Thus, he still earns my TRUST, RESPECT and SUPPORT. He just has to pursue the “DAANG MATUWID” PROGRAMS and act fast for our people are getting impatient.

He must not fail. He must be constantly reminded that “MARAMI PA ANG MAHIRAP” dahil “MARAMI PA ANG CORRUPT.” And as a PEOPLE, we must be reminded that we too must do our share in the efforts for GOOD GOVERNANCE, TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

This is the marching order from your BOSS!

Written by: DJ Yuwie

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