On protests against Obama’s visit By: Lor Villa Encenzo

The recent visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to the Philippines has alarmed various militant groups that prompted them to stage protests on the day to demonstrate their opposition to the alleged American dominance over our lands. They believe it will create more economic and security problems to our country. Many protesters, as seen on TV, strongly denounced the agreement signed by the two nations on enhanced defense cooperation by shouting sharply and loudly while pushing the barbed wires blocking the way leading to the venue. Their action was actually a manifestation that a free society is so alive in our country today. But, many of them went to the extreme that made the scenes of uneducated, disrespectful or uncivilized society such as shouting bad words and burning of the American flag. This condemnable act of flag burning brings pain and insult to every heart who loves democracy and freedom across the globe. The protesters must have thought that the leader of the free and most powerful country in the world has visited us, not only to bring good tidings but provide free huge publicity of the Philippines to the whole world, so Obama deserves respect. Imagine how tremendous and gigantic the media publicity on our country during the visit as all cameras from all over the world were in focus to the Philippines. These protesters are mostly young who had not been born before the World War II. Therefore, being not a witness whatsoever how the Americans spent their lives to defend the Philippines, their bitter words against the U.S. are so unbelievable to the people knowledgeable about our history. Let the most Filipino World War II veterans say negative about the Americans specially Gen. Douglas MacArthur who uttered the world-famous line “I Shall Return,” then, I will be convinced to believe them. Imagine that there could have been no Philippines today without the Americans. It is definitely a Japanese territory today with Japanese name. There could have been no free human being like you young Filipino protester of Obama’s visit without the Americans defending us during the World War II.

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