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The FAMAS Executive Board 2013-2015 had originally refused to answer the allegations by current FAMAS President Corazon Santiago-Aberin in the January 2016 issue of The Filipino Forum so as not to dignify such allegations. But through the prodding of our families and close friends, we have decided to answer the allegations point by point. “Total […]

The Filipino Indigenous People Organization in Quebec

Celebrating the month of Indigenous People, month of October every year as declared by the Republic of the Philippines, a proclamation No.1906, s. 2009, of which Republic Act No. 8371, dated October 29, 1997, known as the “Indigenous Peoples Rights Act” (IPRA). In Canada, province of Quebec, a newly organized non-profit organization came to existence. […]

Montreal First People’s Festival

Summer is lots of fun and full of festivities happening in the City. July 29 – August 5 is the celebration of First People’s Festival in Montreal. A celebration of many excellent talents and creativeness, shared to bring joy to the people in the province and visiting tourists. Multicultural communities joined this event every year […]